In 2016, Oxford Dictionaries named post-truth as the word of the year, defined as “relating to or denoting
circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion
than appeals to emotion and personal belief”.

To put this word into perspective, Michel Uhlmann and the English Seminar Choir,
have chosen to examine post-truth from a particularly positive standpoint, far removed from
the political battleground: that of the composition of vocal music.

Every poet may face an interpretation of their work that is very personal emotionally to
the composer who sets their words to music. The English Seminar Choir is going
to revisit this idea by presenting to the audience two different versions of each text.
For example, taking the original Gregorian text of “Ave Verum” and performing
William Byrd’s (1543–1623) vision as well as that of Mel Bonis (1858-1937).

Far from challenging the truth of any particular interpretation,
setting prose to music is an enriching and necessary post-truth, inspiring the listener
to follow the same path.
We invite you to listen to this interesting exchange between poets, composers,
the singers interpreting the music, as well as the you,
the audience, listening to our interpretation.


Concert dates:

Thursday June 8- English Seminar, Nadelberg 6

Friday June 16 - Karthäuserkirche

Sunday June 18 - Temple Saint Jean, Mulhouse